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  • 1 cent Per PTC Click
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Launch Date June 18, 2019
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Welcome To BoostPaid

BoosPaid has finally brought to you a new and amazing way to earn! Introducing a Level down Revenue sharing which will allow you to make real cash, and the opportunity to make up to 130% Revenue Return on your investments. Confident and amazingly powerful system, we bring to you multiple streams of income and also many ways for you to advertise your sites with BoostPaid.

Our 3 Plans AdPacks offers you the opportunity to grow day by day, level by level, and become the top earner of our sustainable project.


AdPack Plan 1
  • AdPack Matures At 120%
  • Daily Return 2%
  • Surfing Ad Credits 100
  • PTC Clicks Credits 5

  • Banner Credits 1000

  • Text Ad Credits 1000

  • Maximum Purchase UNLIMITED

AdPack Plan 2
  • AdPack Matures At 125%
  • Daily Return 2.5%

  • PTC Clicks Credits 50

  • Login Ad Credits1 Day

  • Surfing Ad Credits 1000

  • Banner Credits 10000

  • Text Ad Credits 10000

  • Maximum Purchase UNLIMITED

AdPack Plan 3
  • AdPack Matures At 130%
  • Daily Return 3%
  • PTC Clicks Credits 500
  • Login Ad Credits 60 Days
  • Surfing Ad Credits 10000
  • Banner Credits 100000
  • Text Ad Credits 100000
  • Maximum Purchase UNLIMITED

Types of Advertisements


If guaranteed visitors to your sites is what you are looking for, PTC is the best way to go! A member will get paid to click on your ad and visit your site/affiliate link.

Login Ads

Do you want your ad to be seen by every member? Login Ad is a very powerful type of advertising. Your Ad will be seen by every member when they login into their account.

Banner Ads

Banners ad is the world most famous type of advertisement. With only few words, it can show everything of what your business is about.

Text Ads

Call the attention of many prospects who is navigating through the site, and with a few pop up texts it will get you the most of attention.


Get unlimited banner impressions! PPC is a very good way for you who wants to pay only when someone gets really interested on what they see at first! Pay only when a prospect visit your site!

Surfing Ads

The most effective way to advertise at BOOSTPAID! Our members have to surf at least 5 ads daily in order to earn daily returns. Advertising on this section, will surely bring daily visitors to your sites.

Multiple Streams of Income

Revenue Share

Our Revenue Share Platform pays up to 130% Return on AdPacks Levels. By watching only 5 ads daily, you can earn daily from revenue share pool. No Surfing required to earn on Level 3 AdPacks.


Increase even more your earning by earning 1 cent per click when you visit other sites through our Get-Paid-To system.

You will also earn from referrals clicks!


We run weekly jackpots! For those who like to play, we offer you amazing jackpots so you can have big chances to win real cash every week!


BoosPaid runs weekly contest so you can have the chance to compete and win free AdPacks and even cash!

YouTube Videos

Willing to get more subscribers to your Youtube channel? BoostPaid will advertise your channel through out our website! All you will need to do is to make a video about BOOSTPAID with your referral link! Once your videos is approved by admin, our team will place you videos in our Youtube channel, with your origInal video link and your BoostPaid referral link. This way, you will not only get more subscribers to your channel, but also will have a big chance of getting lot of referrals!

Traffic Exchange

Earn credits back when you visit other sites displayed on our program. With only a few seconds of visit, you can get more and more credits to advertise your business for free. Our ratio is 2:1, so for every 2 sites you surf, you earn 1 surf credit to advertise your business or an affiliate link. Just login and click on START SURFING.


Enjoin our 5 levels referral commission system! Refer BOOSTPAID to others and earn up to 15% commission, 5 levels deep.
Without any requirement or membership, you can call your team and just enjoin the commission coming in every day!


Direct Referrals


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5

Members Benefits

  • $1 AdPacks affordable for everyone
  • $1 Deposits
  • No Surfing Required on Level 3
  • $5 Withdrawals
  • Earn from Referrals PTC clicks
  • 1 cent per PTC click
  • Earn every 30 minutes
  • 5 levels Referral
  • Up tp 15% Referral Commission
  • 24/7 Chat support
  • Sustainable and long term system
  • Withdrawals 7 days a week

Why Advertise With us

  • Affordable Advertiment Packs
  • An wide range of Ads
  • Advertise and earn cash back!
  • Lots of traffic to your sites!
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • A variety type of Ads
  • Free Ad bonuses upon registration
  • Guaranteed prospects to your sites
  • Worldwide visitors
  • Advanced system
  • Sustainable and long term system
  • Advertise and get paid!