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BoostPaid is a Revenue Share and PTC Platform. We offer advanced Advertisement system open to all countries.
Yes, BoostPaid is open worldwide.
To start earning from our revenue is very simple. It only takes you 2 steps:

1. Buy AdPacks

2. Surf 5 Ads Daily

After step 2 (surf 5 ads), your AdPacks will start earning every 30 minutes, automatically. Your job will to login to your BoostPaid account daily to surf 5 ads in order to keep earning, until your AdPacks complete it's cycle/mature. To surf the 5 ads, simply click on "Start Surfing".

You can withdraw your earnings at any time as long as your "Earning Balance" or "Commission Balance" has a minimum balance of $5

To increase your earnings, you can buy more AdPacks directly from "Processor" option or from your balances.
AdPacks starts from $1. The cost of each AdPack varies between $1 - $100, depending on what plan you choose.
You can earn from 120% to 130% Return on AdPacks, depending on what level you are in.
There are 3 levels of AdPack PayPlan. You can choose the plan that is more convenient to you.
Yes you buy AdPacks in any of the Plans
If you purchase at least 1 AdPack on Level 3, you do not need to surf ads in order to earn. Your Level 3 AdPack(s) will earn every 30 minutes, automatically. There will be No need to login daily.

But if you purchase AdPacks on Level 1 or Level 2, You will need to surf 5 ads daily in order to earn from our revenue pool.
As an option, you can also buy a "Surf Free" plan, so you don't have to surf ads in order to earn.

Minimum withdrawal request is $5
The minimum deposit is $1
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