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BoostPaid process all the withdrawal request within 12 hours, every day.
There is no fee to add money or buy AdPacks.
Daily cap can vary from 2% to 3% . On Plan 1, daily cap is 2%, and on Plan 3 daily cap is 3%
AdPacks may take from 43 to 60 days to mature and reaches it's maximum earnings. It all depends on which of the 3 levels you buy your AdPacks:

AdPack Level 1: Will take 60 days to reach 120%
AdPack Level 3: Will take 50 days to reach 125%
AdPack Level 4: Will take 43 days to reach 130%
We have a PTC system which can pay you up to 1 cent per click!
This is not a part of the revenue share system.
However, when you buy revenue AdPacks, you earn PTC credits to advertise your business.

You also earn 0.0001 from your referrals clicks.
Yes you do! You earn 0.0001 from every referral PTC click view.
BoostPaid pays up 15% Referral Commission, down to 5 levels:

Direct Referrals: 8%
Level 2: 3%
Level 3: 2%
Level 4: 1%
Level 5: 1%

For our PTC System, BoostPaid pays 0.0001 for every referral click view ( Direct Referrals only)
You can advertise your business at BOOSTPAID for free! Simply click on START SURFING to enjoin our Traffic Exchange ration of 2:1

Members will have to surf ads daily in order to earn from revenue AdPacks. So this is how your site will be promoted when you buy "Surfing credits"

You also earn Traffic Exchange/ Surfing credits when you buy revenue AdPacks.
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